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Road Safety Games

This collection of online road safety games will help children and families to learn about keeping safe while out and about, whether walking, cycling or travelling by car - think road safety!

Follow the links below to the free online road safety games for children and families.

Road Safety Games - Think Stop Look ListenThink Stop Look Listen Game

This is one of the games aimed at 5 to 7 year olds from the Think! Road Safety site. You have to choose from two pictures which one is showing the safest way to behave. There are lots of other great resources for teaching road safety at this site too. (

Road Safety Games - Tales of the RoadTales of the Road

This site aims to get children aged 6 to 11 to think seriously about the consequences of failing to follow road safety guidelines. There are videos, games and free printable activity packs including posters, colouring pages and quizzes. (

Road Safety Games - 3M Streetwise Game3M Streetwise Game

Help Maggie to dress in bright clothing and walk safely to school. Choose safe places to cross the road and don't forget to stop, look and listen. There are more activities to choose from here. (

Road Safety Games - Street SafeStreet Safe Game

Use your arrow keys to help the character cross the road safely, avoid hazards and collect safety points. (

Road Safety Games - Safety MattersSafety Matters

A set of road safety games, including town and country hazards, roadwise, safety first and guess the word games. (

Road Safety Games - Road Safety NIRoad Safety NI

Use the menu on the right hand side of the screen to choose a game. Activities include identifying the steps of the Green Cross Code, matching protective helmets to the right person and lots more. (

Remember the Green Cross Code

  1. THINK FIRST: Find the safest place to cross, then stop.
  2. STOP: Stand on the pavement near the kerb.
  3. USE YOUR EYES AND EARS: Look all around for traffic, and listen.
  4. WAIT UNTIL IT'S SAFE TO CROSS: If traffic is coming, let it pass.
  5. LOOK AND LISTEN: When it's safe, walk straight across the road.
  6. ARRIVE ALIVE: Keep looking and listening for traffic while you cross.

Road Safety Resources

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