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Christmas Games

These online Christmas games are just what you need to keep the children busy and happy in the Christmas holidays. We've got snowman games, Christmas story activities, Christmas tree puzzles and lots more.

Follow the links to all the best free online Christmas games for children.

Christmas Games for Younger Children

Christmas Games - Tweenies Christmas TreeTweenies Christmas Tree

Decorate the Christmas tree by clicking and dragging the decorations onto the tree. Then you can open the Tweenies' presents. (Cbeebies)

Christmas games - SnowstormSnowstorm

This game is a very simple version of Tetris. Use the left and right arrow keys to move each snowflake to the pile which matches it. There are three levels to choose from. See how many points you can get before the snowmen melt. (CBeebies)

Christmas games - Christmas StoryChristmas Story

This is a great Christmas site for children. You can read the Christmas story, find out about Christmas today, answer quiz questions, play a pairs game and complete a Christmas jigsaw puzzle. (

Christmas Games - Santa's Little HelperSanta's Little Helper

Use the up and down arrow keys to move the little elf to the right conveyor belt to catch the present. See how many presents you can catch in one minute. Santa will thank you when the time is up. (CBeebies)

Online Christmas Games - Light the Christas TreeLight the Christmas Tree

This is an intriguing game, where you have to rotate the circuit junctions and bulbs to allow the current to flow and light up the tree. (

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