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Active Kids

Active kids are healthy kids! This page provides links to sites which promote healthy exercise and games for active kids.

Follow the links in the table below to the active kids' activities.

Active Kids - Playground FunPlayground Fun

This site will give you lots of ideas for games to play in the playground: chasing games, circle games, ball games, clapping and skipping games. See which ones you can remember from your own childhood. Are there any new games which you could try out with your family? (

Active Kids - Digger's Sports DayDigger's Sports Day

This online activity for children aged 5 to 7 is in the form of a story all about sports day, with quiz questions to answer as you go along. (

Active Kids - Boogie Beebies OlympicsBoogie Beebies Olympics

Choose your character, warm up and pack your lunchbox with healthy snacks. How quickly can you complete the obstacle course? Use your right arrow key to run along and the space bar to jump. You could make an obstacle course in your garden or in the park.(

Ideas for keeping active as a family

  • Walk to school, to the park, to the shops or to a friend's house.
  • Make walks more interesting by getting your kids to create an I-Spy sheet before you leave the house. List things to spot on your walk, such as a cat, a red car, a blue front door and so on. Tick them off as you spot them.
  • Ride bikes together.
  • Play ball games in the park or in your garden.
  • go swimming together.
  • Make an obstacle course in the garden (or in the house if it's too wet or cold to play outside). This could involve climbing, jumping, crawling etc.
  • Join a club where you can learn a sport together. Some activities, such as martial arts, can be learnt in a family class.
  • Some video games can be active - try an Eye Toy or the Nintendo Wii.
  • Put on some music and dance together.

Resources for Active Kids and Families

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