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Fun Maths Games

I recently came across this great set of fun maths games to download and print out. There are lots of games in the set and you can print off multiple copies, which is a great help if you're a class teacher, family learning tutor or a parent. I know from my own experience that children learn best when they're enjoying themselves.

Just a few of the fun math games you can print and play.

I've spent lots of money over the years on board games to help my children learn various math skills, but once they've learnt the skill the game is put away and forgotten about. With this set, you should never run out - when they've mastered a skill, you can move on to another game and another new challenge!

The set includes four ebooks of maths games covering basic maths concepts for ages 5 to 11 years:-

  1. Game ideas - practise skills from multiplication to telling the time, place value to coordinates, decimals to counting and patterning.
  2. Full colour board games to print and play - Includes games to practise maths facts and games of strategy
  3. Print and play game sheets - all you need to play this set is a pencil
  4. Card games to print and play - practise addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills, decimals, fractions

Plus, you can also get four bonus ebooks of classroom games, print and play reading games, make your own board games and master sheets to create your own games.

The games all have clear instructions and are ready to download right now - just click here for full details and to check out the free samples. Please note - you don't have to sign up for the free games, although they are pretty good.

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