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Heads not 'counter-terror experts'
Head teachers say they cannot be expected to "conduct surveillance" on young people, after warnings that more might travel to Syria during the school holidays.

'Poor cannot afford' exam appeals
Schools who ask parents to pay for A-level and GCSE exam appeals risk discriminating against poorer pupils, says a teachers' union.

Medieval graves found under college
One of the largest medieval hospital burial grounds in England, containing about 1,300 remains, is discovered under St John's College.

Funding warning for special needs
Special needs provision in England is not receiving funding to match rising demand, the leader of a teachers' union has argued.

Warning on 'Mickey-Mouse practicals'
The "Mickey-Mouse practicals" students do under the current A-level system, have nothing to do with "real science", a teaching union conference has heard.

'More teachers leave in first year'
Rising numbers of new teachers are leaving the profession within a year of qualifying, says a teachers' union leader.

Poorer children's brains 'smaller'
Poorer children 'have smaller brains' than their more prosperous counterparts, researchers from California have found.

Schools 'misuse' support staff
Too many schools are misusing support staff by making them cover for teachers "for protracted periods", a union's annual conference has heard.

Children fear 'addiction to porn'
A tenth of 12 to 13-year-olds are worried they are "addicted" to pornography, a study by the NSPCC ChildLine service has found.

E-cigarette use 'high among teens'
A substantial number of teenagers are experimenting with e-cigarettes, even those who have never smoked, a study suggests.

Free nursery has 'no academic benefit'
Free nursery places for three-year olds have helped mothers back to work, but have made "no difference" to academic performance later on, researchers claim.

Mentally ill teens 'sent to England'
Youngsters who need treatment for mental illnesses are being sent to England despite there being beds available at a new 2.5m unit in Wales.

South Africa campus statue boarded up
A colonial-era statue of Cecil Rhodes on a South African university campus has been boarded up after student protests.

Teachers' 'British values' warning
Teachers should ignore rules on promoting "fundamental British values", a teachers' union conference has heard.

Stanford to open entrepreneur course in London
Silicon Valley's Stanford University to start teaching in London

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