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Primary league tables: Special-needs pupils struggle with new tests
Primary school league tables show pupils with special needs are dropping further behind their classmates.

Wealthy students tighten grip on university places
Figures show the gap between poor and wealthy students going to university continues to widen.

Vice chancellors' pay: Universities to sign new 'fair pay' code
University leaders have agreed to a new code on senior pay, which will be published in the next few weeks.

Greening wants social mobility to 'unlock talent'
The education secretary promises 23m to help clever children in poor areas fulfil their potential.

Prof Mary Beard backs school Classics funding appeal
High Storrs School wants to raise 100,000 to subsidise Latin and Classics classes for students.

Ofsted warns schools against 'disadvantage one-upmanship'
Amanda Spielman says disadvantaged pupils should not become an excuse for schools not to improve.

Spurs player in global teacher prize shortlist
A PE teacher, who plays for Spurs, is shortlisted in a competition to find the world's best teacher.

Peppa Pig's GP visits copied by fans, says doctor
There are concerns the Pig family's inappropriate doctor calls encourage people to behave similarly.

'Monster' fatberg to go on display in museum
A slice of a monster fatberg, clogging up London's sewers, is going on display in a museum.

Curbing university bosses' pay 'won't solve funding crisis'
Some university bosses' pay is hard to stomach - but cash crisis goes wider, says NUS.

'He should have a happy ending now'
Max Olivares has a rare heart and lung condition, which requires a complex transplant operation.

Why schools close for a snow day: A head teacher explains
Thousands of schools closed on Monday - but how tough a decision was it after heavy snowfalls?

The children whose gaming turns to gambling
Skin betting websites let players gamble with virtual items from online games as currency.

What not to say to men who can?t have kids
Opening up about male infertility.

Global education rankings to measure tolerance
The next international Pisa tests are going to compare how well young people understand other cultures.

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