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Siblings in care 'forced apart'
Over a third of children in care who have siblings are having to live apart from any of them, suggests research by a children's charity.

2.9bn child support 'uncollectable'
Billions of pounds owed in child maintenance may never be recovered, government accounts show - though ministers say the debts are not "forgotten".

Ofsted to inspect academy chains
Ofsted is to be allowed to inspect but not judge academy chains, Education Nicky Morgan has said.

Schools to test-run new maths GCSEs
Schools in England are being asked to put pupils through extra mock maths exams after concerns were raised over the new maths GCSE.

Can Labour pay for university fee cut?
Labour leader Ed Miliband favours cutting the maximum university fees for students from 9,000 to 6,000, the BBC understands.

Ofsted defends free school inspectors
Ofsted says it has found no evidence its inspectors acted inappropriately during visits to two free schools which were subsequently placed in special measures.

'Poor boys fare worse in rich areas'
The behaviour of boys from poor families is worse when they grow up alongside wealthier neighbours, suggests research.

Masked tutors 'boost nurse training'
Nursing tutors at the University of Surrey are planning to make themselves unrecognisable in a bid to boost students' bedside skills.

New imaging centre at university
A new "cutting-edge" 8m microscopic imaging facility is opened at Dundee University with the goal of advancing research.

Email threat school plans to reopen
The principal of an east Belfast primary school that is closed on Friday after a "malicious" email threat says it is their intention to reopen on Monday.

Brown warns of Syrian refugee crisis
The failure to provide an education for young Syrian refugees runs the risk of creating a recruiting ground for extremists, says Gordon Brown.

Poor countries fund richer pupils
The poor are doubly disadvantaged in education in many low-income countries, with school budgets more likely to be targeted at better-off pupils, says Unicef.

'Girls beat boys' despite inequality
A study suggests girls do better than boys at school, even in countries where women lack equality with men.

'Fight segregation' - French PM Valls
France has tolerated "ghettoisation" in its deprived suburban schools for too long, Prime Minister Manuel Valls says.

Too many youngsters 'off the radar'
Too many youngsters in England fall off the radar when they leave school, the cross-party Public Accounts Committee warns.

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