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Deal fairly with students, universities told
Universities must "deal fairly with students", says the competition watchdog.

The 100 things to do before leaving primary school
The 100 things children think they should do before they leave primary school are revealed by the Times Educational Supplement.

Sprinting quickens the mind, researchers find
A study says bursts of intense exercise during the school day improves pupils' focus and concentration in class.

Perry Beeches Academy Trust: Critical EFA report delayed
A flagship academy trust had "special" treatment when a watchdog delayed a critical report, the BBC learns.

University tuition fees rise to 9,250 for current students
University tuition fees in England will rise to 9,250 and the increase applies to students who have already started courses.

New schools funding scheme to be delayed by a year
Implementation of a national funding formula for schools will be delayed by a year, Education Secretary Justine Greening says.

Early university ambitions pay off, survey suggests
A survey suggests the younger children decide on going to university the more likely they are to attend a selective one.

Universities announce fees above 9,000 limit
Universities in England are already announcing tuition fees of 9,250, before Parliament has even finished debating plans to allow them to raise fees.

NSPCC issues warning over leaving children home alone
The NSPCC is urging parents to think carefully before leaving children home alone over the summer holidays.

Working parents face summer childcare struggle
Working parents face a struggle to find holiday childcare as councils across Britain report a lack of places.

Academy trust hands over running of primary schools
An academy chain that operates nine primary schools in Sussex and Kent is handing over the responsibility of running them.

Labour warns of rising tuition fees
University tuition fees in England would face "significant rises" under plans being put forward by the government, says Labour.

Turkey coup: Purge widens to education sector
A purge of top officials following a failed coup in Turkey broadens even further with the suspension of 15,200 education staff.

Employers warn of widening skills shortage
A CBI survey suggests rising numbers of employers are struggling to recruit skilled staff and says it could get harder after the UK withdraws from the EU.

Young suffer as pensioners continue to prosper, says IFS
Young people have suffered a drop in income since the financial crisis, but pensioners have enjoyed a significant rise, according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS).

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