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School seeks to block critical Ofsted report
A school in England has gone to the High Court to try to prevent a highly critical Ofsted report from being published.

Labour 'will defeat grammar school plans', pledges Rayner
Labour "will defeat" the government's plans to expand grammar schools in England, shadow education secretary Angela Rayner says.

Narcissism 'short-lived way to popularity'
New students, in those first awkward days of making friends at university, are being told that being a narcissist only makes you popular in the short term.

Diamond review: Loans 'should replace' tuition fees grant
Loans should replace tuition fee grants and there should be more help with living costs for all Welsh students, a major review of university finance says.

Canadian academic next Cambridge vice-chancellor
Stephen Toope is chosen as the next vice-chancellor of the University of Cambridge.

Home Office 'won't see pupil nationality'
The government says it will not pass data on pupils' nationality to immigration officials or the Home Office.

Parents face steeper university costs
Parents do not have enough warning about the cost of supporting their children in university in England, says a consumer rights campaigner.

Welsh university tuition fees pegged at 9,000
Welsh university tuition fees will be pegged at 9,000 next year despite colleges in England being given the go-ahead to charge up to 9,250.

Scots teachers are 'dangerously overstretched' by vacancies
There were more than 500 teacher vacancies in Scotland's schools as pupils returned after their summer break, figures have shown.

Academies encouraged to open selective schools
Ministers urge academy chains to set up new selective schools in England and units for high-ability pupils.

Brexit: UK universities consider EU branches
UK universities could open campuses in Europe to offset the effect of Brexit, some vice-chancellors have suggested.

Grammar schools expansion 'could dumb them down'
Plans to expand the number of grammar school places could dumb down their results, research suggests.

Sri Lanka bans schools from imposing dress codes on parents
Schools in Sri Lanka are banned from imposing dress codes on parents. after a poster telling women what to wear sparked an outcry online.

More support call for children with special needs
Many children with special needs are not getting a fair chance in schools, the Children's Commissioner for Wales says.

University of Aberdeen staff face compulsory redundancies
Compulsory redundancies may happen at the University of Aberdeen's medical school due to a low uptake of a voluntary severance and early retirement scheme.

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